UFC on ESPN 11 Results: Curtis Blaydes defeats Alexander Volkov (Highlights)

Curtis Blaydes

A key heavyweight bout between perennial contenders Curtis Blaydes and Alexander Volkov headlines tonight’s UFC on ESPN 11 event.

Blaydes (13-2 MMA) will enter tonight’s contest on a three-fight win streak, his latest being a second-round TKO victory over former champion Junior dos Santos. ‘Razor’ has gone 8-2 thus far in his UFC career, with his only two losses coming at the hands of Francis Ngannou.

Meanwhile, Alexander Volkov (31-7 MMA) was most recently seen in action at November’s UFC event in Moscow, where he scored a unanimous decision victory over Greg Hardy. The former Bellator heavyweight champion has gone 5-1 since joining the UFC ranks in November of 2016.

Round one begins and Alexander Volkov comes out quickly but Curtis Blaydes quickly changes levels and scores an early takedown. The Russian does an excellent job of getting back to his feet but ‘Razor’ is there to drag him right back down. Blaydes now with some knees from position. He switches to some short punches and then look to take the back of Volkov. He cannot switch the position so he resorts back to knees. Alexander attempts to scramble but Blaydes remains in top position. He continues to rain down knees. Just under two minutes remain in the opening round. Curtis Blaydes begins to work in some short punches. Volkov seems content to just sit here for now. He begins to work on a kimura attempt. Blaydes yanks his arm out of the hold but Volkov gets back to his feet. Blaydes stays on him however and drags him right back down to the floor. The horn sounds to end round one.


Round two of the UFC on ESPN 11 main event begins and Curtis Blaydes comes out swinging. He lands a nice right hand that appears to wobble the former Bellator champion. Blaydes with a low kick now. He lands a stiff jab and then an overhand right. He quickly shoots in and scores an easy double leg takedown. Volkov uses the cage to wall walk and get back to his feet but Blaydes continues to keep a hold of him. ‘Razor’ quickly takes the fight back to the floor and begins working from full guard position. Curtis Blaydes with some good punches from top position. He lands an elbow and then a hammer fist. Volkov is looking to tie up the American’s wrists but another hammer fist comes through. Alexander Volkov scrambles and gets back to his feet. Blaydes shoots in and scores another takedown to close out the second round.

Round three of the UFC on ESPN 11 main event begins and Curtis Blaydes quickly forces the clinch and press Alexander Volkov up against the cage. The Russian is able to shrug him off. Blaydes immediately forces the clinch again but Volkov is able to reverse the position. After another reversal, Blaydes is able to change levels and score a takedown. Three minutes remain in the third round. Curtis Blaydes looks to advance position and lands some shots in the process. He gets to half guard but Volkov is now up against the cage. Blaydes peppers him with uppercuts and punches. Alexnader Volkov turtles up and gives up his back. Curtis takes the position with just over a minute remaining in the round. Alexander Volkov looks to lock up a guillotine choke but it is not there. Curtis Blaydes continues to batter him with short shots. Volkov scrambles back to his feet and throws a knee. The horn sounds to end round three.

Round four of the UFC on ESPN 11 main event begins and Blaydes immediately shoots in and scores a takedown. He quickly moves to take the back of Volkov but Alexander scrambles to his feet. Blaydes is still on him and looking to score a trip. Instead he simply drags him back down. The former Bellator champ scrambles back to his feet and this time is able to break free from the clinch. Curtis shoots in for a takedown but this time Volkov stays on his feet. He tries to get off some offense but Blaydes shoots in again and this time is able to bring the fight back to the floor. Not much action from the top. The referee is warning Curtis to work. He’s not doing but finally unloads a hammer fist. More seconds fall off the clock. Volkov with a elbows from off his back. Finally the referee steps in and stands them up. Volkov with a nice knee and then another. He has Blaydes backing up now. He is searching for a takedown and gets it. He lands some ground and pound before the horn sounds to end round four.


Round five begins Alexander Volkov is now pressing the action. He lands a good uppercut and then a right hand. Blaydes is in trouble. A huge kick lands for Volkov and Curtis is definitely hurt. He is on his bike now but Alexander is on him with punches. Curtis Blaydes shoots in and scores a much needed takedown. Volkov is up against the fence which may allow him to wall walk. Alexander Volkov scrambles back to his feet with exactly 2 and a half minutes remaining. Blaydes is quick to shoot for another takedown but this time Volkov is able to defend the shot. Blaydes with knees from the clinch. Volkov with a ton of short shots. Blaydes scoops him up and drops him down to the floor with one minute remaining. Some short shots from top position by Curtis Blaydes. Volkov returns fire from off his back. The horn sounds to end the fight.

Official UFC on ESPN 11 Result: Curtis Blaydes def. Alexander Volkov by unanimous decision (49-46, 48-47, 48-46)

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This article first appeared on BJPENN.com on June 20, 2020

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM