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Video appears to show Floyd Mayweather holding up Logan Paul after hurting him in boxing match

A video appears to show boxing legend Floyd Mayweather holding up Logan Paul after hurting him in their boxing match last weekend.

Mayweather met Paul in the main event of this past Sunday’s Showtime PPV event. “Money” entered the fight as a massive favorite to win the exhibition bout, as Paul didn’t have anywhere close to the experience that the legend had. That being said, Paul was still able to go the full eight rounds with Mayweather. Although Mayweather clearly would have won had there been judges scoring the bout, just the fact that Paul was able to go the full either rounds is a win in itself. But according to a video that is floating around on the internet, it’s possible that this fight could have ended inside the distance a lot sooner.

At one point during the fight, it appears as though Mayweather landed a beautiful counter right hook that wobbled Paul. Some believe that Paul was rocked badly and that Mayweather then held him up so that he didn’t fall down to the canvas. Check out the clip and decide for yourself whether or not Paul was close to being stopped by punches.


It’s hard to say whether or not Paul was truly rocked because it all happened too quickly, but there’s no doubt that right hand snuck through and stung the YouTuber. Right afterward, he was able to clinch up with Mayweather, which is where much of the fight took place. But as far as some fans are concerned, this wasn’t a case of clinching but rather one fighter trying to hold up another so the fight didn’t get stopped. Either way, the fight happened, and now we will see what is next for both men.

Do you think that Floyd Mayweather hurt Logan Paul and decided to hold him up?

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