Paradigm plans to “cut off 100-percent of Manny Pacquiao’s opportunities to earn money in the United States” as court date looms

By Cole Shelton - January 25, 2023

Paradigm – a management company – believes Manny Pacquiao has breached its contract.

Manny Pacquiao

Pacquiao and Paradigm are set to go to court in March as the management company has accused the boxer of breaching their contract. The court date is set for March 3rd in Orange County, California.

Just over a month away from the trial, Audie Attar, the CEO of Paradigm released a lengthy statement making it clear they will stop any Pacquiao fight from happening until the trial and settlement are dealt with.

“Manny’s days of thumbing his nose at our contractual rights are almost at an end,” Attar’s statement about Pacquiao read. “We have an overwhelming case against him and look forward to justice being served. The Court has already entered an Order stating that – due to his consistent violation of court orders – Pacquiao is now deemed to have admitted that he breached his contract with Paradigm and that Paradigm has suffered more than $20 million in damages.

If any promoters, managers, fighters or broadcasting networks are considering entering into an agreement with Manny prior to the trial, they are now on notice that Paradigm will immediately commence an action against them for tortious interference with contract and seek both an injunction and damages,” the statement about Pacquiao continued. “Once Paradigm wins at trial in March, we will cut off 100% of Manny’s opportunities to earn money in the United States from any source because any revenue he generates will be attached to his judgment. Additionally, Paradigm will aggressively pursue enforcement of its judgment in any foreign country where Manny seeks to fight.”

The lawsuit first came together after Paradigm set up a fight between Manny Pacquiao and Mikey Garcia. Yet, Pacquiao’s business associates made a deal for Pacquiao to box Errol Spence Jr. instead, which is where their relationship soured.

Although Manny Pacquiao is retired, he is currently doing exhibition matches, which Paradigm is hoping to stop.

What do you make of Paradigm’s statement about taking Manny Pacquiao to court?

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