Jake Paul ups the ante for bet with Tyson Fury, Fury accepts for $1 million

Tyson Fury

Jake Paul has called on a bigger wager for his bet with Tyson Fury and “The Gypsy King” has responded.

Paul and Tommy Fury are scheduled to collide on Aug. 6. The bout will take place inside Madison Square Garden in New York City. It’ll be contested in the cruiserweight division.

Tyson Fury recently said he’s down to place a bet that Tommy will win the fight but the dollar amount did not satisfy Jake Paul.

Here’s the message Jake sent to Tyson on Twitter (h/t MMAFighting):

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“Hey Tyson, you f****** p*****, you made $40 million — not as much as me — but let’s up the ante,” Paul said on Twitter. “Let’s bet a million on it Tyson. Two million, three million, however much you want to f****** bet. Let’s do it.

“So f*** your $100K, let’s make a better bet and make it worth a couple million. Are you down?”

Tyson was quick to respond with a video message of his own. He said he’ll bet Jake $1 million that Tommy will emerge victorious and he doesn’t want any crypto.

“Hey, Jakey Boy, I hear you want a bet a bigger bet than $100,000,” Fury said. “You want a bigger bet m***********? You want a million dollars? Let’s do it. Holler at your boy. You want a million, you got it.

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“And hey, Jakey, I want to see this million dollars in escrow, sucker, cause I don’t think you’ve got a million dollars. I ain’t talking about crypto. I’m talking about real U.S. green backs m***********. Real U.S. dollars, no crypto.”

Jake has made an enemy out of the Fury family and he’s hoping that he hasn’t bitten off more than he can chew. Jake doesn’t appear to be lacking confidence, however, and has insisted that he believes he’ll be a world champion in boxing one day.

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