Gamebred Boxing 4 Results: Anthony Pettis defeats Roy Jones Jr. by majority decision (Highlights)

By Chris Taylor - April 1, 2023

Tonight’s Gamebred Boxing 4 event is headlined by a heavyweight fight between Roy Jones Jr. and Anthony Pettis.

Anthony Pettis, Roy Jones Jr., Boxing

Jones Jr. (66-9) will be competing for the first time since fighting Mike Tyson to a draw in an exhibition bout in 2020. The 54-year-old last competed as a professional in 2018, where he extended his win streak to 4 in a row with a decision victory over Scott Sigmon.

Meanwhile, Anthony Pettis (25-14 MMA), a former UFC lightweight champion, will be making his professional boxing debut in front of a hometown crowd in Milwaukee. ‘Showtime’ enters the contest looking to rebound from back-to-back losses to Stevie Ray while fighting MMA under the PFL banner.

Tonight’s Gamebred Boxing 4 main event begins and Pettis comes up short with his first few attempts as Jones Jr. counters with a quick jab. Pettis moving forward pawing with his jab. Jones lands a jab and then a leaping hook. Roy puts his back to the ropes, Pettis goes to the body. Roy Jones Jr. falls short with his jab. He throws another which lands flush. Jones Jr. with a combo. Anthony Pettis goes to the body and then lands a nice left up top. Round one comes to a close.

Round two begins and Jones Jr. comes out with a jab. Another hard jab from RJJ. Anthony Pettis throws a few punches, but all are blocked by the boxing legend. Roy with a pair of jabs. Pettis lands to the mitts of Jones, another jab from Jones Jr. Pettis goes to the body. Another jab from Jones Jr., and Pettis wisely goes back to the body with a combination. Jones Jr. lands a jab and smiles at Pettis. A nice body shot from the former UFC champ. Jones lands to close out the round.

Round three begins and Roy Jones Jr. lands a left and then a jab to the body. Pettis replies with a big left hook. Jones smiles and lands a jab. A nice right hand now from Roy Jones Jr. He follows that up with a left. Anthony Pettis tries a flurry but Jones Jr. lands to the body. A nice uppercut from Jones Jr. lands clean and the 54-year-old is loosening up. Pettis goes to the body just before the bell sounds to end round three.

Round four begins and Anthony Pettis comes out pumping his jab. He continues to struggle to get past the tight guard of Jones Jr. ‘Showtime’ goes to the body. A jab lands for Jones. Another hard jab from Jones, and then another. He follows that up with a two-punch combination. Another combination from Jones Jr. He is beginning to take control. Pettis comes forward and grazes Roy with a right hand. Jones Jr. with a nice left hook at the bell.

Round five begins and Roy Jones Jr. gets to work with his jab. He lands a nice right hook. More jabs from Jones and then a left hand. Anthony Pettis counters to the body. A good right from Pettis is answered with a nasty left to the body from Jones Jr. They tie up against the ropes and the referee warns Pettis about a possible headbutt. Jones Jr. takes a deep breath and lands a left hand. A good jab and then a hook to the body from Roy. Pettis throws a overhand right but eats a coounter combo. A left hook and then a jab from Jones Jr. Anthony Pettis with a left hook. Jones returns fire before the bell.

Round six begins and Roy Jones Jr. goes to the body. Anthony Pettis counters with a left hook. He follows that up with a double jab, but it didn’t get through. Jones Jr. putting his hands down a bit trying to bait Pettis into making a mistake. ‘Showtime’ lands to the body. Roy avoids a combo and lands a right. Pettis jabbing away. He lands a right. Jones answers with a left. Jones Jr. lands a jab and a counter left hook to close out the round.

Round seven begins and Roy Jones Jr. gets to work with his jab. Anthony Pettis sneaks in a right hand. Pettis lands another right and then goes to the body. A sharp jab from Jones Jr. grazes the nose of Pettis. Roy is feeling himself a little bit as he may be pulling away with his jab, defense, and movement. Pettis jumps into the pocket with a left, but Jones Jr. counters with a hard shot at the bell. He smiles and walks back to his corner.

Round eight was another back and forth round that saw Pettis score a big shot late.

Official Gamebred Boxing 4 Result: Anthony Pettis def. Roy Jones Jr. by majority decision (76-76, 77-75, 78-74)

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