Eddie Hearn scolds Ryan Garcia following VADA test: “Sometimes this guy acts like an idiot”

By Fernando Quiles - May 21, 2024

Matchroom Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn doesn’t believe Ryan Garcia has handled himself well in the aftermath of his failed VADA test.

Ryan Garcia

Hearn promoted Devin Haney for his showdown with Ryan Garcia back in April. While Garcia won the fight via majority decision, “KingRy” was flagged for ostarine. Garcia awaits the results of his B sample, and if that sample proves not to be clean then the former interim WBC lightweight champion will be facing a suspension, a fine, and his win over Haney being changed to a no contest.

Hearn doesn’t think Garcia has done himself any favors with his social media activity since the VADA test results were revealed.


Eddie Hearn Puzzled by Ryan Garcia’s Antics

Ryan Garcia has taken to social media to claim he was set up and never ingested any illegal substance in his body. Eddie Hearn told Ariel Helwani on MMAFighting‘s “The MMA Hour” that he doesn’t understand “KingRy’s” behavior on social media.

“He was off again [Sunday] night on Twitter, like just the most stupid, childish behavior,” Hearn said Monday on The MMA Hour. “But again, similar to some people, [he gets] face-to-face and it’s like, ‘You can come up, give me a cuddle, let’s have a photo.’ I don’t like [that]. I’m someone that will really do my best to avoid confrontation. Yeah? Peaceful life is always better. But sometimes this guy acts like an idiot, you know? And I like Ryan Garcia.

“I’ve said to him, I actually said to him in Saudi Arabia, ‘You do realize, if you actually listen to every interview that I give, I say I really hope that Ryan is innocent. I actually even give him the benefit of the doubt.’ But I even said to him face to face, ‘You can’t just say it’s a conspiracy theory.’ I said, ‘You’re blaming me for you testing positive twice.’ ‘Well, someone set me up,’ he said. Well, firstly, no, they didn’t. And secondly, it definitely wasn’t me. So just be careful what you say and let’s just try and deal with this situation.”

Haney’s camp has called for the fight result against Garcia to be changed to a loss on “KingRy’s” record. That doesn’t seem likely, but as mentioned the no contest ruling seems more feasible if the B sample has the same findings as the flagged test result.

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