Dillon Danis critical of Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley booking

Dillon Danis, Khabib Nurmagomedov

Bellator star Dillon Danis was critical of the upcoming Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley fight booking that will take place in the boxing ring.

Paul and Woodley had their first public staredown on Thursday night, and Danis had to jump in with a few words to say. The Brazilian jiu-jitsu ace, who had been chasing a fight against Paul himself, took to his social media on Thursday to take a shot at both Paul and Woodley for taking part in this fight between the former UFC fighter and the YouTuber.

“You lost 4 fights your 40 years old” says the dude that picked a guy who lost 4 fights and is 40 years old lol

There have been some fans who have been critical of Paul for selecting Woodley as his next opponent because “The Chosen One” had lost his last four fights in the UFC prior to joining the world of boxing. Woodley is now 39 years old and he just hasn’t looked like the same fighter he once was. Still, he is a former UFC champion for a reason and he is by far the toughest opponent that Paul has had yet during his four-fight run in professional boxing.

Seeing Danis take a shot at Paul and Woodley isn’t super surprising considering he always has something to say anytime Paul is in the news. Danis has made it clear for the last few months that he was hoping to be next in line to fight Paul, but Paul and Showtime went in another direction and chose Woodley instead. It will be interesting to see what Danis does next considering he hasn’t fought in MMA in two years. His best bet may be to try and get a high-profile opponent in Bellator, get a win, and then try to get Paul’s attention.

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