WATCH! ‘Thug Life’ Dominick Cruz asking people to ‘Forgive me for my mean words’

By Russell Ess - January 18, 2016

Check out this classic edit made by a fan of the newly crowned UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz responding to T.J. Dillashaw at the UFC Fight Night 81 post-fight press conference on Sunday Night.

Dillashaw said that he likes to carry himself as more of a role model while Cruz, who did a lot of trash talking prior to their fight responded with his best answer.

With the popularity of the outspoken Conor McGregor soaring to record levels, Dillashaw recently said Cruz has tried to take a page out McGregor’s book in marketing himself and their fight. Will we see the same outspoken Cruz in his future bouts?

Share your thoughts on fighters being role models versus trash talkers looking to build up their fight. Which type of character catches your attention and gets you interested in their fight? Let us know in the comments!