Video: Dominick Cruz Explains Why Facing TJ Dillashaw Will Be ‘Interesting’

By bjpenndotcom - January 17, 2016

Dominick Cruz

Say what you want about Dominick Cruz, the former champ may be skilled in things other than fighting but man, “The Dominator” has such a high fight IQ it would be a waste to see him only on FOX as an analyst.   He’ll have plenty of time for that years from now.

The styles of both these fighters to the untrained eye may seem similar, however,  they’re vastly different by comparison.

Cruz was years ahead when it came to movement utilizing not just angles but his overall defensive technique was a huge leap that fight commentators were clueless to,  using words like “awkward” and “unusual” to describe Cruz was the early age of MMA catching up to a fighter who was well ahead of his time.

Enjoy the video.

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