Kimbo on Dada 5000: ‘The fact I get to fight this piece of sh-t enhances my training’

The buzz of the bouts announced for Bellator 149 has had a lot of people talking, whether it is good things or bad. But frankly, many fans and pundits are straight out interested in the matches.

One of the bouts features Kimbo Slice, who drew in record-breaking numbers on cable television against Ken Shamrock at Bellator 138. Kimbo faces a rather new name to MMA, but paints a perfect picture to once again get people’s attention.

Kimbo spoke with MMA Junkie on his upcoming fight with Dhafir Harris also known as “DaDa 5000.”

“This guy stole my image, stole my look – he tried to look like me, he tried to sound like me, and he tries to be me,” Slice told MMAjunkie. “He talks sh-t about me, and then he posts sh-t on Twitter saying he can fight and beat me. For years he’s been running and hiding from me.

“The fact I get to fight this piece of sh-t enhances my training. I have bad blood. This is worse than the Ken Shamrock fight. I wanted to get at Ken Shamrock’s ass over the years, but this is worse than that. This dude knows who I am. This is a different level.”

Kimbo went on saying that Dada 5000 went as far as to copy and get the same tattoos as himself, and can’t wait to get a professional fight in the cage where he can deliver some punishment to his foe.

“For this piece of sh-t, I’ve got a level of respect that I’m going to knock his ass out; I’m coming in with the intentions that I’m going to make this motherf-cker respect me,” Slice said. “He’s going to respect who I am. He’s going to respect the nature of who I am and the work that I’ve put in. For you to make a mockery and try to copy and steal my image and run with it then you talk sh-t about me and try to be like me? That in itself is something I’m fighting for. I’m fighting for my f-cking respect right now. This isn’t a title fight. This is for my f-cking respect.”

Will you be tuning in to see if Kimbo will deliver on his word on Feb. 19 at Bellator 149?

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