VIDEO | Podcast host claims to be tougher than CM Punk, Mickey Gall proves him wrong by choking him out in 16 seconds

By Russell Ess - September 23, 2016

CM Punk

A lot of people have been tough on CM Punk and his performance in his professional mixed martial arts debut at UFC 203.

The former professional wrestling WWE superstar lasted just 2 minutes and 14 seconds against a very hungry, tough, and skilled fighter, Mickey Gall. Although Gall only has 3 professional MMA fights, the 24-year-old Brazilian jiu-jitsu brown belt has finished all three of his fights in the first round by rear-naked choke submissions. Gall’s first fight in the UFC against Mike Jackson was even shorter than CM Punk’s. Gall submitted Jackson in just 45 seconds in their fight at UFC Fight Night 82 in February.

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Our very own BJ Penn had great things to say about Mickey Gall and his skills as a mixed martial artist.

“Mickey Gall is a beast, and he’s hungry, so that’s just a tough fight period for anybody, I would think, unless you were the champion or something,” Penn said in a recent episode of’s “Rapid Fire.” “That might even be a decent fight. Mickey Gall is tough, and you can tell he’s a good guy. CM Punk went in there with a really good guy. I thought it was cool, I liked it.”

Gall recently appeared as a guest on the “Legion of Skanks” podcast and listened to one of their episodes before his time on the show.

“Oh, on the way out, we were listening to last week’s episode,” Gall said to Luis Gomez, one of the hosts on the show. “Umm, you mentioned something about lasting two minutes with me. Is there a space in here?”

The guys joke around the subject for a bit as the other hosts rib into Gomez.

“Here’s the point that I made, ok. Let me make this very clear because obviously, I have nothing but respect for your fighting skillset,” Gomez said to Gall. “You guys are thinking that I’m going into this like ‘I’m going to beat Mickey Gall.’ I know I am not going to beat Mickey Gall. I’m going to last longer than CM Punk.”

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“If I can last two minutes and 15 seconds I can officially beat CM Punk and that’s what I want to figure out,” said Gomez.

Gall was asked what he thinks about the logic of Gomez and his claim of being able to last longer in a fight than CM Punk.

“You’re not gonna last a minute,” Gall replied. “But, here’s the thing — with CM Punk there is a lot on the line there.”

Check out the video above of a highlight of the “Legion of Skanks” podcast episode with Gall. If you’re looking to go straight to the good part where they grapple, go to 5:15 of the video.

Think you could last longer than CM Punk did in his fight against Mickey Gall? Let’s hear it in the comment section!

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