VIDEO | Kenny Florian says that CM Punk cannot realistically beat any UFC welterweight

By Russell Ess - September 13, 2016

Phil Brooks’ performance at UFC 203 against Mickey Gall still has a lot of people talking and anticipating what will come next for him as far as his career in mixed martial arts.

The former WWE superstar who is better known as CM Punk says that he wants to continue to train and fight. However, if he will be doing that in the UFC is currently up in the air.

Former UFC title contender and current UFC analyst Kenny Florian and UFC commentator Jon Anik gave their thoughts on CM Punk and his chances in the biggest mixed martial arts promotion in the world on their “Anik and Florian” podcast.

“CM Punk is in real trouble,” Anik said. “Where he has made strides in the past 18 – 24 months or not, that’s the way this thing played out. Gall looked like a guy who can really make a run and CM Punk you know, unfortunately, one of the bottom feeders on the roster.”

“The real difference here Jon is he’s a professional mixed martial arts fighter,” Florian said to Anik. “CM Punk is a guy who’s been training for two or three years and says, ‘Hey I want to try and fight.’

“He didn’t land a punch, he didn’t show he had any kind of ability to hang with someone even close to the level of Mickey Gall. Mickey Gall, that’s his third fight, that’s his third fight as a professional. This isn’t a guy who’s had 10 or 11 fights, you know ranked in the welterweight division. This is a guy who is just getting started.”

“For someone to go in there and make it competitive, for someone to go in there and get a win after only two or three years of training in mixed martial arts is nearly impossible, for anyone,” Florian added. “I don’t care what kind of athlete it is. And CM Punk, unfortunately, isn’t this insane athlete. He’s not this Usain Bolt, he’s not this Brock Lesnar who can go in and do that. And he still didn’t have a wrestling background, a taekwondo background, you know any kind of martial arts or combat sports background that he could call on to get prepared for this fight.”

“The reality is, there’s no one out there, in the UFC currently, in the welterweight division, that he can beat, in my opinion,” Florian stated.

“If he wants to continue fighting, why not allow him to fight on some of the smaller shows. You know, a couple RFA fights, some regional MMA fights, to build up his record, to get experience, just like other fighters do. If he is genuinely serious about it, and then bring him back into the UFC.”

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