VIDEO | Jon Jones says he would love to have a working relationship with Daniel Cormier

By Russell Ess - August 7, 2017

Daniel Cormier Jon Jones

Have you ever imagined a world where Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier were friends?

We’re not saying it’s happening in this world just yet, but now back on the throne as the UFC light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones is putting it out there.

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The two competitors who have had one of the fiercest rivalries in UFC history with over two years of bad blood with one another. However, after their rematch came to an end in the main event of UFC 214, Jones had his hand raised for the second time and a confused Cormier had come to a realization after being knocked out by Jones that their rivalry was likely no more.

Jones recently spoke with Sports Illustrated about his current relationship with Cormier and stated that he hasn’t spoken with him since their fight. However, “Bones” did say that he hopes that he and Daniel can be cordial and eventually work together in the future.

“I’m sure he has to have some type of sore feelings when it comes to me,” Jones said of Cormier with having to deal with attacks from fans on the Internet after the loss. “But, I would love to be at a place with him where we can respect each other and work together. You know, I can show up to his charity events in the future. Same, he could do for me. I would love to have that open communication with him because we’ve been a part of each other’s lives for two years. He’s been the only thing I’ve talked about for two years and vice versa so I mean, I feel connected to him forever. It would be nice to be able to call him up and just check on him here and there and have us respect.”

Do you think Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier could eventually be friends? Let’s discuss this in the comment section.

Daniel Cormier Jon Jones

on 8/7/2017.

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