VIDEO | ‘Krazy Horse’ Charles Bennett gets brutally KOd by flying knee

By bjpenndotcom - April 15, 2017

Charles Bennett, also known as ‘Krazy Horse’ has become somewhat of a legend in the mixed martial arts world. Over the course of his eighteen year professional MMA career. Bennett, a Pride FC veteran known for his thrilling fight style, picked up a major win in 2016 under the Rizin FF banner, where he picked up a spectacular 7 second KO win over Minoru Kimura.

The KO was undoubtably one of the best of the year, however following the win, Bennet dropped a 1st round submission loss in the United Kingdom, before then dropping a unanimous decision on the regional scene in the United States.

wanderlei silva brawl

Now, during a recent kickboxing fight, Bennett was viciously knocked out cold with a flying knee, which you can see above.

Following his Rizin FF win, Bennett spoke to to discuss one fight he is on the hunt for, a fight with Wanderlei Silva.

“Man honestly, I be on the internet a lot, so I really thought this guy had let that shit go you know what I mean?” Bennett said. “Like that shit’s so old, you know what I mean? If you go to sleep with malice in your heart because of a n***a, then something’s wrong. That could be why he’s aging like that. I mean f**k, the dude’s only 40 years old and looks like he’s about 50. But that could be the steroids too.”

With that being said, Bennett doesn’t want to fight Silva to settle their beef, he, like many MMA fighters nowadays, is simply following the money.

“That’s where the money is, n***a,” Bennett explained. “F**k all this “pride, warrior” shit. What I mean about “pride, warrior” shit is that I was on [Silva’s] feed when I got back to the states and I seen he was on there like ‘fighting is about pride and [being a] warrior, and this and that, and blah, blah, blah,’ and ‘the UFC is just about money, blah, blah, blah.’ I was like ‘yeah, that’s why I want to fight you right now. It’s not the fact that you feel that I didn’t knock you out in the locker room. Its the fact that I can make a lot of money for fighting you.’”

on 4/15/2017.

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