VIDEO | Felony Charles Bennett delivers the best post-fight speech following 7-second KO over Minoru Kimura

By Russell Ess - September 26, 2016

wanderlei silva brawl

Felony Charles Bennett is back.

The MMA veteran scored another KO to add to his highlight reel in his 62nd professional mixed martial arts fight. Bennett notched an impressive seven-second knockout over Minoru Kimura at the RIZIN 2 event in Japan over the weekend.

Bennett celebrated with pure emotion following the quick KO over Kimura as his rival Wanderlei Silva was cornering opposite to him and delivered a classic speech following the big win.


If you aren’t familiar with the history that “Felony” and “The Axe Murderer” have, there is a video of Bennett being choked unconscious in a locker room scrap back in 2005 in PRIDE by Silva’s former Brazilian jiu-jitsu coach. Bennett claims to have knocked out Silva after regaining consciousness from being choked out and gives a detailed recollection of it all (watch both videos here).

Following his quick KO over Kimura, Bennett told the Japanese fans at the Saitama Super Arena, “Hello! Konnichiwa! I would really like to thank the Japanese people and the RIZIN organization.

“Man, the celebration was more work than the fight,” Bennett said. “Thank y’all for having me man. You know I miss it here. Y’all know I miss it here. This is real love out here. The Japanese people always showed me real love. So, guess what I just did for you guys? I returned the favor. Seven seconds?! That’s the quickest paycheck I’ve EVER made.

wanderlei silva brawl

“Not only that. Where’s Candy lay [Wanderlei]? Candy lay,” Bennett addressed. “$300k. Candy lay, for the record. You know what happened 2005. That’s why you’re still salty. That’s why you wanna still try to get some with this. But, you can’t get none with this unless we put it on contract. We put it on contract, then you can get some. And other than that, every time your big steroid-head ass see me — I’m a ni–er and I run fast.”

Do you think a fight between the Felony Charles Bennett who just fought at featherweight and Wanderlei “The Axe Murderer” Silva who last fought at middleweight will actually take place in a ring with a referee? Sound off in the comment section!

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