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VIDEO | Watch Wanderlei Silva confront Charles "Felony" Bennett following Bennett's RIZIN win

bjpenndotcom - October 20, 2016

Wanderlei Silva and Charles “Felony” Bennett have had a storied history together, going all the way back to PRIDE FC when “Felony” claimed to have knocked out Silva during a backstage brawl. The rivalry was renewed once again following “Felony’s” most recent win at RIZIN.

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Felony Charles Bennett

EXCLUSIVE | "Felony" Charles Bennett Discusses His Renewed Beef with Wanderlei Silva

Tom Taylor - October 5, 2016

One of the biggest storylines to emerge from Rizin Fighting Federation’s latest card, which went down on September 25 in Saitama, Japan, was the reemergence of an age-old beef between “Felony” Charles Bennett and the much larger Wanderlei Silva. Bennett and Silva’s beef stems from an infamous 2005 locker room brawl. Footage of this brawl, which shows Bennett being choked out by Silva compatriot Cristiano Marcello, has been surfacing and resurfacing on the Internet for years. According to Bennett, however, the real reason for this beef is what occurred in the un-filmed portions of the incident. If the legends are to be believed, Bennett was able to knock Silva unconscious when the cameras weren’t rolling.

Felony Charles Bennett
Felony Charles Bennett

EXCLUSIVE | "Felony" Charles Bennett Gives His Thoughts Conor McGregor, Nate Diaz and Eddie Alvarez

Tom Taylor - October 4, 2016

Late last month, MMA veteran “Felony” Charles Bennett burst back into the limelight with a seven-second KO of Minoru Kimura at a Rizin Fighting Federation show in Saitama, Japan. He also rekindled an old beef with Wanderlei Silva during his time in the country. In the wake of this headline-generating trip to Japan, the long-time fan favorite took time out of his busy schedule for an exclusive interview with BJPenn.com. During this interview, Bennett offered up his opinion on several of the UFC’s biggest stars.

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Felony Charles Bennett

Charles Bennett Details Hotel Run-In with Wanderlei Silva During Rizin FF Fight Week

Tom Taylor - October 3, 2016

If the legends are to b believed, Charles Bennett knocked out Wanderlei Silva in the un-filmed portion of an infamous 2005 backstage brawl. Unfortunately, the lack of footage of this alleged incident rendered this legend impossible to verify. What is possible to verify, however, is that Bennett and Silva’s beef, whatever truth or untruths it’s based upon, is alive and well. Late last month, the two fighters, who compete several weight classes apart, had a run in at the fighter hotel for Rizin Fighting Federation’s September 25 show. As the footage of this incident shows, they very nearly came to blows. Just what started the hotel showdown, however, was not immediately clear.