VIDEO | Conor McGregor heartbroken after Eddie Alvarez delivers a nasty welfare insult

By Russell Ess - November 11, 2016

The brash and quick-witted Conor McGregor may have just been beaten down for the first time in a verbal battle leading into his UFC 205 bout against Eddie Alvarez.

During a heated exchange during an interview with FOX Sports, Alvarez told McGregor that he isn’t allowed to talk about money because before he reached his superstardom in the UFC, the Irishman used to collect welfare checks.

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“Speak the truth (Eddie),” McGregor said (transcribed by FOX Sports). “You saw the documents that (former UFC owner) Lorenzo (Fertitta) put together to give to the new owners … 75 per cent of the earning power is me. That’s in writing. Let’s call a spade a spade here,” McGregor said of his stardom.

“You’re talking 150,000 buys (without me). With me you’re talking two million buys,” McGregor told Alvarez. “Speak the truth.”

“… I’m the reason. It’s nobody else. UFC 202, UFC 196, 194, 189, all record breakers, all smashed previous records. Even this one, the gate, the attendance, of course the pay-per-view, what do you think that is about?

“There’s one common denominator and that’s me. You take me out and there’s 150,000 buys and that is fact. I ain’t bragging here, I’m just stating fact.”

Alvarez replied, “the fighters and the fights are what makes UFC great,” and then went in on the UFC featherweight champion’s past.

“You were on welfare brah. You ain’t no man, you took welfare,” Alvarez said.

McGregor tried to interject as Alvarez went on.

“Don’t you talk about money. Don’t you talk about money,” Alvarez instructed.

“You took money from single moms. Single moms go on welfare, not men.

“Don’t talk about money alright. Keep your mouth shut when the talk is about money.”

Was Eddie Alvarez’s insult on Conor McGregor going too far?

Conor McGregor has previously stated that “it’s all fair in this business” and that “anything goes in this game.”

Luckily for the two champion fighters, the verbal war comes to an end on Saturday as the two will let their fighting in the Octagon do all the talking.

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Who ar you picking to win in the UFC lightweight title main event between Eddie Alvarez and Conor McGregor? Sound off in the comments!

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