Conor McGregor on psychological warfare: It’s a ruthless business and I am the most ruthless

By bjpenndotcom - October 14, 2016

UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor has earned the reputation as not only one of the best trash talkers in the business, but also as someone who is extremely good at gaining a mental edge over his opponents. McGregor has been able to carefully find weak spots in his opponents mental psyche, which he then uses to get them emotionally invested in the fight, making them more likely to be overly aggressive and reckless come fight-night.

Conor McGregor on throne, Duane Ludwig

Conor McGregor interview

Ahead of his UFC 205 lightweight title fight with Eddie Alvarez on November 12th at UFC 205, McGregor did a Q&A on The LAD Bible Facebook page, where he was asked: “When doing your psychological warfare, do you think there is anything too disrespectful to say?”

The featherweight champ responded:

“You know, this is the fight business. I’m not going out thinking psychological warfare. Not indirectly. That last press conference. I wanted to go out a little bit differently even. I walked in happy full of positivity. You know I’m set for life. My family will never go hungry. So I just wanted to enjoy it. But then they try and come at me. You know what I mean. They try and come at me the whole lot of them. So you know, you want to come at me. You want to come at the king. You better be prepared because the king will come and take you out. So ya it’s all fair in this business. Anything goes in this game.”

“It’s a ruthless business and i am the most ruthless. “

McGregor certainly stole the show at the UFC 205 press conference last month, where he not only took aim at Eddie Alvarez, but also Jeremy Stephens, who stated that he’s the toughest fight in the division for McGregor, to which McGregor now famously stated: “Who the f**k is that guy?”

Conor McGregor

With UFC 205 now less than a month away, expect McGregor and Alvarez to ramp up the trash talk ahead of their historic fight at The Madison Square Garden.


Conor McGregor