VIDEO | Brendan Schaub explains why Michael Bisping was snapping at Eddie Bravo

By Russell Ess - March 8, 2017

Eddie Bravo Michael Bisping

Last week in Las Vegas after the World MMA Awards, we saw a video of UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping in a heated argument with Eddie Bravo.

It wasn’t clear from the video why Bisping was so upset with Bravo, but Bravo said in the video that he was giving the UFC middleweight champion some compliments and Bisping took it the wrong way.

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“Hey, I’m trying to f**king give you props,” Bravo told Bisping during their incident. “I’m trying to give you props, man. I’m trying to give you props, man. I’m just trying to give you props, I’m not trying to talk shit.”

“I got your back every time, man,” Bravo said. “Don’t turn it around, man.”

On Episode 239 of The Fighter and The Kid podcast, hosts Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen went over Bisping and Bravo’s incident and Schaub texted Bravo to get some explanation as to what happened.

“Yeah, I got it right here,” Schaub said during the podcast. “Eddie just texted me. It came from, Eddie was saying that Bisping is one of those fighters that visibly improves fight to fight. And, he told him that and Bisping took it as an insult saying that he was sub-par before. And, after they started arguing he was like, ‘What are you talking about? I’m giving you a compliment.’ That’s what it came from.”

The rumor was Bisping was sipping on some drinks that night, as you can see in the video of Bisping and Bravo arguing that the UFC champ had a cup in hand.

Callen then asks if Michael Bisping is a heavy drinker and Schaub said “he’s British,” and isn’t an alcoholic by any means.

Eddie Bravo Michael Bisping

“He also has a short fuse,” Schaub added. “I love Bisping. He also has a very short fuse. He just does. He likes confrontation. He likes to argue. He would never hit Eddie. He’s not that type of dude. You know, if he felt disrespected he’d be the first one to call you out.”

This article first appeared on 3/8/2017.

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