VIDEO | Joe Rogan and crew argue pound-for-pound fighter and Conor McGregor’s counter striking ability

The debate regarding who the best pound-for-pound fighter is will always be argued amongst both fans and experts.

On the Joe Rogan Experience – Fight Companion episode that took place over the weekend, Rogan, Brendan Schaub, Bryan Callen, and Eddie Bravo talked through The Ultimate Fighter 24 Finale that went down in Las Vegas, Nevada and the topic of the best pound-for-pound fighter came up.

“I love Mighty Mouse,” Rogan said. “I been singing Mighty Mouse’s praises forever.”

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Schaub went on to say that although he praises Demetrious Johnson as well, his pick for number one pound-for-pound fighter is Jon Jones.

Rogan and Schaub went on to argue their views of the debatable picks while Bryan Callen came in to bring in Anderson Silva’s name and his reign in his prime as the UFC middleweight champion.

Eddie Bravo then goes off on another subject and brings up Conor McGregor’s counter-striking ability, which Rogan credits to McGregor’s work ethic and also his natural gift as an athlete.

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“When you see Conor’s counters, his counters are so precise, you only get that from that 10,000-hour principle,” Rogan said. “You have to be obsessed and you have to be genetically gifted. Because there are certain punchers that did just not have that kind of snap to be counter guys. Like a guy like Matt Hamill who is a really powerful wrestler and a good puncher and a good striker ultimately later in his career, he never had that snap that some dudes have. You know what I mean? Matt Hamill is a tough guy. It’s a good example because he’s a tough guy and a strong powerful wrestler.”

What are your thoughts on the little debate for the number one pound-for-pound fighter and counter striking of Conor McGregor? Let us know in the comment section your pick for pound-for-pound fighter and what you think makes Conor McGregor’s striking so special.

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