VIDEO | 295-pound super heavyweight vs. 145-pound featherweight MMA fight ends with one punch

Here’s a classic flashback matchup that took place between two very different sized opponents.

The MMA fight is a bit of a head scratcher as a smaller 145-pound featherweight fighter takes on a giant 295-pound super heavyweight in the cage.

Our namesake BJ Penn has always taken pride in his mixed martial arts foundation of Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Penn has said that jiu-jitsu taught him that the smaller man always has a chance to beat a bigger opponent in a fight.

Well, in the case of this fight, it wasn’t Brazilian jiu-jitsu that the much smaller featherweight used to beat his much bigger opponent.

In the first round of their fight, the two meet in the middle of the cage and high five in good sportsmanship. They trade a few strikes standing up and the small opponent goes for the takedown. The bigger opponent tries to lock on a guillotine but isn’t able to get the right position to finish his opponent and they end up back on their feet where they exchange for the remainder of the round.

In the second round, the two meet in the middle of the cage and throw some exchanges. The smaller opponent even throws a jumping punch to get to up to his much bigger opponent. Then, the smaller opponent lands a combination with a kick and an overhand right that dazes the big man on his feet and then crumples to ground moments later.

David overcomes Goliath in this crazy match!