PHOTO | Nate Diaz shows off a huge joint from night with Snoop Dogg

Nate Diaz smile

UFC superstar Nate Diaz and his brother Nick are known advocates of marijuana.

Older brother Nick is fresh off an 18-month suspension after testing positive for marijuana in his fight with Anderson Silva (Silva also tested positive for PEDs in their fight) at UFC 183 in January 2015.

Meanwhile, Nate was under the microscope after his recent big money fight with Conor McGregor at UFC 202.

During some of the post-fight interviews with the media, Nate was using a vape pen where he openly stated that it was CBD oil that he was smoking. At that point, media could only speculate if there was going to be any consequences coming from USADA. Nothing has been released on the situation from USADA.

To make things even more interesting with Nate and his situation, he and Nick were recently hanging out with rap legend Snoop Dogg in Concord, California at his concert.

Both Nate and Nick posted photos with Snoop on their Instagram accounts. Nate also sent out a snap on Snapchat to all his followers of what looked like a really huge joint. Knowing the background of the Diaz brothers and Snoop Dogg, it really wouldn’t take a detective to figure it out.

Perhaps Nate’s openness with it all is because the Stockton native made a ton of cash in his last two fights, both against Conor McGregor. UFC President Dana White said that Nate became a millionaire in his fight with “The Notorious” at UFC 196. To add to that, Diaz was estimated to make nearly $13 million in his rematch at UFC 202.

Nate has said that he won’t be taking any other fights in the UFC unless they are big names and for big money. With Nate holding one win and Conor with one win against each other, Nate said he is waiting for his trilogy fight with McGregor to settle the score once and for all, even though he firmly believes that he is still 2-0 against the UFC featherweight champion.

Check out the Snapchat of Diaz below.

Nate Diaz snapchat joint

What are your thoughts on Nate Diaz and his future fights? Who would you like to see Nate matched up against aside from Conor McGregor? With UFC matchmaker Joe Silva exiting the company, step into his shoes for a moment and let us know the matches you like for Nate in the comment section!