Video | Tito Ortiz tells Huntington Beach City Council members they can have him removed by police for not wearing a mask

Tito Ortiz

Former MMA fighter Tito Ortiz continues to battle with the Huntington Beach City Council over the subject of wearing a mask.

It’s no secret that Ortiz has been something of a COVID denier throughout the course of his political career, but ever since making his way onto the aforementioned council, he seems to have ramped that up in a big way.

He constantly battles it out with them over COVID, and during a recent virtual meeting, that trend continued.

When the topic came up, Ortiz made it clear that if the rest of the council wanted him removed by the police for wearing a mask, that was their decision. He also noted that if he had any symptoms of COVID-19 then he obviously wouldn’t show up to an in-person meeting.

During his speech, it’s obvious to see that the rest of the council disapproved of what he was saying and the intentions behind it. We don’t know whether there’s a chance this could eventually lead to his dismissal, but at the very least, he could be reprimanded.

Ortiz is best known for his mixed martial arts career and what he was able to accomplish in the UFC and Bellator. During that time, he always seemed to pluck a win out of nowhere when everyone was least expecting him to do so.

Everyone is aware of how different this situation is and what Ortiz faces. After being democratically elected to this position he now faces the reality of getting himself kicked off the council, serving as a pretty big problem in the process.

For now, though, all we have to go off of are council highlights every few weeks.

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