Video | Sean Strickland taunts Alex Pereira at the UFC 276 media day: “He’s not even a good striker”

By Cole Shelton - June 29, 2022

Sean Strickland doesn’t think Alex Pereira is that good of a striker.


Pereira is a decorated kickboxer and a former Glory champion, but Strickland isn’t sold on his skills. Instead, he believes Glory kickboxers are overhyped and aren’t as good as many think and he plans to prove that.

“Here’s the f*****g thing, let me tell you something, there is not one Glory kickboxer in any f*****g weight class that I couldn’t stand and bang with,” Strickland said at UFC 276 media day. “Don’t f*****g tell me, just because you are some big f*****g Brazilian that knocked out Izzy 20 years ago, that I f*****g can’t stand with you. Come on motherf****r, get out of here.”

After taking shots at Pereira’s striking, Strickland then stood up and showed off Pereira’s technique which he doesn’t think is that good, instead, his height plays a big role in his success.

“He’s not even a good striker, bro. Like f**k, the only reason you can do that is because you are f*****g are tall, you are genetically gifted. If you are a f*****g normal-sized f*****g human being you wouldn’t even f*****g be here, your style sucks,” Strickland added.

It is interesting to hear Sean Strickland say Alex Pereira is not a good striker due to all his accolades. However, as he says, his height does play a big role in his striking as he can use his range and kicks. When Pereira faces Strickland he will have a four-inch reach advantage and it does appear Strickland is excited to face him and see how good of a striker he is.

Strickland is coming off the win over Jack Hermansson and should he beat Pereira, he could very well be in the line for a middleweight title shot.

What do you make of Sean Strickland saying Alex Pereira is not a good striker?


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