Alexander Volkanovski plans to test Max Holloway’s “legendary chin” early at UFC 276: “I feel like that chin has to go soon”

Alexander Volkanovski, Max Holloway
Image Credit: UFC

Alexander Volkanovski plans to go at Max Holloway early and often.

In the co-main event of UFC 276, Volkanovski and Holloway are set for their trilogy match. Although Volkanovski has won both of the previous fights, the second win was a split decision so they will be running it back for the third time.

In the trilogy fight, Volkanovski says he plans to test Holloway’s chin as he says that is the key to making a statement.

“That would be incredible. It’s a legendary chin that he has,” Volkanovski said at media day. “I’ve always said, ‘you don’t want to be known for your granite chin,’ but at the same time, it is legendary at the moment. And if I could take that chin and put him out, that would really be sending a statement because no one has done that. But again, he obviously takes damage, and I’ve touched on the fact that it can’t hold up forever, so let’s see if it holds up this time.”

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Max Holloway
PhotoCred: MMA Fighting

Despite the fact the first two fights went the distance, Max Holloway has vowed to end it inside three rounds. Alexander Volkanovski, meanwhile, believes he will be the one to end the fight as he thinks Holloway’s chin can’t stay that good forever.

“I want to end it and end it early, and I think I definitely can,” Volkanovski said. “And again, I feel like that chin has to go soon. That’s no disrespect to him, but it’s got to go soon. I know I’m landing on it and landed on it big many times. We’ll see what happens. But if it ends inside the three, that’s me getting the finish.”

If Volkanovski does finish Holloway at UFC 276 it would cement himself as one of, if not the best featherweights ever.

Do you think Alexander Volkanovski can finish Max Holloway at UFC 276?

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