UFC Apex to host boxing event featuring Dana White’s son

By Adam Martin - June 19, 2019

UFC president Dana White has long promised he would get into the boxing business, and it appears that dream is nearing reality.

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Speaking to reporters on Tuesday before the new season of the Contender Series at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, White said the newly-built facility will host a boxing event in the coming months, and one of the boxers on the card will be none other than White’s own son.

“I’m working on an amateur boxing event. I’m working out all the details right now. I’m working on bringing in some of the best amateur fighters in the world, and my son,” White told reporters (h/t to MMAWeekly.com). “My son has been boxing and he’s going to fight. He fought last year in Boston and he’s going to fight at the UFC Apex this summer.”

You’d think that the son of the world’s most famous MMA promoter would want to dabble in mixed martial arts, but White is just fine with the fact his son wants to box instead.

“I’m not that kind of dad,” White said. “If (my kids) said they want to finger paint, I’d support them and be the biggest finger painting fan out there.”

In fact, Dana White said the UFC Apex will hold all sorts of amateur events, including boxing, kickboxing, muay Thai, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitions, in addition to of course MMA. But we all know White is a huge boxing fan and judging from his comments, hosting these amateur boxing events is very important to him as he looks to make waves in the world of boxing promoting.

“I want to be the guy who showcases the talent. In a perfect world, we bring in all the top guys in the country who are amateurs right now and put on fights with them. I promote it and put it on Fight Pass and give these guys more exposure than they’ve ever had,” White said.

White for years has said he would get into the boxing game and it appears the time is finally here. Will he succeed in being a boxing promoter? We will soon find out. But as long as these young fighters have the platform to perform, that’s what Dana White says is most important to him, not making money off of them.

“If I can elevate some of these amateurs and help create some stars in boxing, I’m all about it,” White said. “I’m not saying every amateur has to sign a deal with me and I have to lock them up. That’s not what I’m looking to do.

“I have the platform to make them bigger stars on the whole planet.”

This article first appeared on BJPENN.COM on 6/18/2019.

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM


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