UFC Adelaide Results: Tony Martin puts Jake Matthews to sleep (VIDEO)

By Chris Taylor - December 1, 2018

A welterweight bout between Tony Martin and Australia’s own Jake Matthews took place on tonight’s UFC Adelaide main card.

Jake Matthews entered tonight’s contest on a three-fight win streak, his latest being a first-round submission victory over Shinsho Anzai at June’s UFC Singapore event.

Meanwhile, Tony Martin was last seen in action at UFC 229 where he scored a third-round knockout victory over Ryan LaFlare. Martin enters tonight’s contest having won five of his past six fights.

Round one of this UFC Adelaide fight begins and Martin comes out quickly. He lands a jab followed by a low kick. Matthews circles along the fence. He feints with a right. More circling from Matthews. He leaps in with a combination. Martin avoids and lands an uppercut. Matthews is using a lot of movement early. Tony Martin continues to chase after him. He lands a hard low kick on the Aussie. Matthews returns fire with one of his own. Martin misses with a head kick. Matthews lands another low kick. Jake paws with his jab and then circles out. Martin misses with a left and Jake counters to the body. Another good body shot from Matthews. He follows that up with a hard low kick. A left hand and then a right over the top for Matthews. He throws a flurry of punches and ends up clipping Martin who goes down. Jake charges in and grabs a guillotine. Martin escapes the submission attempt and winds up in top position. He advances to half guard and begins working some hard elbows to the thigh of Matthews. The Aussie scores a sweep and takes top control. He lands a right hand before the horn sounds to end round one.

Round two begins and Jake Matthews lands a low kick to start. Martin fires off a left jab. Matthews circles along the fence. He leaps in with a right hand over the top that just misses. Tony Martin comes forward but eats a counter left. Matthews lands a follow up right and then attacks with a flying knee. Martin circles and then lands a left hand. He throws a head kick which is blocked. Martin with a pair of punches. Matthews may be taking a breather here. Martin lands a low kick and then another. Matthews misses with a front kick. Martin taps him with a jab. Matthews bounces around and then leaps in with a combination. Martin counters with a right hand over the top. He follows that up with a jab. Matthews rips a combination to the body of Martin. The Australian standout circles out but Tony cuts him off and lands a chopping low kick. Matthews didn’t enjoy that. Martin with a combination. The horn sounds to end round two.

Round three begins and Martin is putting on the pressure early. He lands a jab and then another nice low kick. Matthews shoots in for takedown but it is not there. Tony Martin is able to take his back and begins working for a submission. He switches to an anaconda choke and it is in deep. Matthews attempts to fight out of it but eventually goes to sleep.

What an amazing submission finish from Tony Martin! Watch below.

Official UFC Adelaide result: Tony Martin def. Jake Matthews via submission (anaconda choke) at 1:19 of Round Three

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