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UFC 276 Results: Andre Muniz defeats Uriah Hall (Highlights)

A middleweight contest between Uriah Hall and Andre Muniz serves as the third bout of tonight’s UFC 276 preliminary fight card.

Hall (17-10 MMA) will enter the contest looking to rebound after suffering a decision loss to Sean Strickland in his most recent effort last July. Prior to that setback, ‘Primetime’ was riding a four-fight winning streak which included back-to-back TKO victories over former middleweight champions Chris Weidman and Anderson Silva.

Meanwhile, Andre Muniz (22-4 MMA) enters tonight’s UFC 276 event sporting an eight-fight winning streak, his latest being a submission victory over Eyk Anders at UFC 269.

Round one of this middleweight bout begins and Andre Muniz comes forward with a high kick. He lands to the body and then misses with a left. Uriah Hall is looking to counter. Muniz with another high kick, he tries a 1-2 behind it but eats a right hand counter from ‘Primetime’. Muniz with a low kick, Hall returns fire with a high kick. Muniz shoots for a single leg, he gets Hall down and immediately passes into half guard. Andre Muniz with some big ground and pound as Uriah Hall scrambles back to full guard. Muniz with more punches and then leaps back into half guard position. He goes for a D’arce choke but lets it go and moves to full mount. Muniz attempts a mounted triangle, but Hall slips out the back door. Muniz drags Hall back down to the canvas and looks to isolate an arm. He switches to ground and pound just as the horn sounds to end round one.

Round two begins and the middleweights trade kicks to the body to start. Hall with a 1-2, and Muniz answers with a low kick. A body kick and a right hand behind it for Muniz. He shoots for a single leg takedown but can’t get it. Uriah Hall circles out. A right hand from Muniz and then a spinning back kick attempt. He shoots for a single leg. Hall is defending well, punching off one leg and forces Muniz into the clinch. A beautiful trip takedown from Muniz puts him in guard.ย  Andre Muniz with some ground and pound now. He passes to half guard and then cuts straight to mount. Hard shots from the top by Muniz. Uriah Hall is in a real bad spot here. ‘Primetime’ is trying to kick off the cage and buck Muniz off. The Brazilian looks to isolate an arm, lets it go and lands some more punches. Hall gives up his back and Muniz now has both hooks in. He transitions to an armbar attempt but Uriah pulls out of hit and stands up to land some punches just as the horn sounds to end round two.

The third and final round of this middleweight contest begins and Andre Muniz comes forward with a low kick and high kick. Uriah Hall with a body kick. Another low kick from Muniz and then a left hand. He throws a right hook and dives into a double leg. Hall needs to defend this… Muniz switches to a single leg and gets him down. He quickly passes to half guard and begins to unload some ground and pound. Hall attempts to shrimp and scramble but Muniz stays on him. Hall gives up his back. Muniz jumps on him and flattens him out. Muniz looks to isolate an arm but then decides to deliver some ground and pound. Hall scrambles back up to his feet but that doesn’t last long as Muniz drags him right back down. Hall spins through guard and winds up on top with Muniz on his back for the last few seconds but it won’t be enough to sway the judges.

Official UFC 276 Result: Andre Muniz def. Uriah Hall by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

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