UFC 271 Results: Israel Adesanya defeats Robert Whittaker

Israel Adesanya
Image Credit: UFC

Tonight’s UFC 271 event is headlined by a middleweight title fight rematch featuring Israel Adesanya taking on Robert Whittaker.

Adesanya (21-1 MMA) and Whittaker (23-5 MMA) are set to clash for the second time this evening in Houston with the promotions coveted middleweight title up for grabs.

‘Stylebender’ and ‘The Reaper’ originally squared off in a title unification bout in October of 2019, with Adesanya emerging victorious by way of a second round knockout.

Since then, Robert Whittaker has gone a perfect 3-0, scoring unanimous decision victories over perennial division contenders Darren Till, Jared Cannonier and Kevin Gastelum.

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As for Israel Adesanya, the UFC’s undisputed middleweight champion has gone 3-1 since defeating ‘The Reaper’ at UFC 243. Izzy most recently competed at UFC 263, where he scored a unanimous decision victory over Marvin Vettori.

Robert Whittaker, Israel Adesanya
Image via @ufc on Instagram

Round one of the UFC 271 main event begins and Israel Adesanya throws a low kick. Robert Whittaker is being very patient early. He attempts a side kick that misses but then lands a follow up low kick. Adesanya replies with a crisp jab. He attempts to go upstairs with a high kick but Whittaker blocks it. ‘Stylebender’ with a pair of chopping low kicks. ‘The Reaper’ replies with a nice counter left. Izzy fires back with a high kick that just misses. Whittaker goes downstairs with a low kick but Adesanya counters beautifully and drops him with a straight right. Whittaker is quickly back to his feet and dives in on a takedown. It is not there and Izzy is looking more and more confident here. Robert Whittaker shoots in for another takedown but once again he is stuffed. Israel Adesanya with a hard kick to the body. The horn sounds to end round one.

Round two of the UFC 271 main event begins and Robert Whittaker just misses with a high kick attempt. He is taking some chances here in round two. Israel Adesanya lands a low kick but Rob counters nicely with a hook. Izzy with a high kick attempt that is blocked. Whittaker misses with a jab. He follows that up with a left hook that lands flush. That was his best strike of the fight. He tries a head kick but it misses the mark. Whittaker shoots in and scores a takedown. He lands a couple of right hands while Izzy gets back to his feet. After some clinch work the fighters separate and we are back to standing. Ninety seconds remain in round two. Israel Adesanya with a pair of left kicks to the body. Robert Whittaker answers with a low kick and then a right hand. Izzy with a chopping low kick. That one hurt. He attempts another but Whittaker avoids. The horn sounds to end round two.

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Round three of the UFC 271 main event begins and Israel Adesanya is back on the attack. Robert Whittaker keeps him at bay with his left jab. ‘The Reaper’ lands a nice calf kick. He should throw more of those. A nice left hook from Whittaker and Adesanya counters with a straight right. Low kicks from both men now. Rob shoots in for a takedown but Izzy is able to shake him off. Another attempt and Adesanya is down. He attempts to explode back to his feet but Whittaker jumps on his back and locks in a hook. After a bit of jostling ‘Stylebender’ breaks free. He circles and then lands a hard kick to the body of Whittaker. Both men take a look at the clock. ‘The Reaper’ lands a left jab. Adesanya answers with a kick. The horn sounds to end round three.

Round four of the UFC 271 headliner begins and Robert Whittaker lands a nice leaping left. Israel Adesanya responds with a hard low kick. He goes to the body with a second strike. Whittaker continues to stay busy with his left hand. He shoots in for a takedown and gets it. He takes the back of Adesanya, this as Izzy is getting back to his feet. Once again ‘Stylebender’ shakes off the former champion. Adesanya with a kick to the body. The fans in Houston start to chant “Bobby! Bobby!”. Whittaker feints a takedown and lands a leaping left. Adesanya comes forward but eats an uppercut for his efforts. Whittaker pushes him against the fence and lands a few shots to the body. The fighters break and ‘The Reaper’ lands a nice left. Adesanya replies with a kick and the horn sounds to end round four.

The fifth and final round of the UFC 271 main event begins and Israel Adesanya quickly takes the center of the cage. He lands a left kick to the body. Whittaker replies with a double jab. Adesanya with a ton of pressure. Whittaker catches him with a leaping left. He shoots for a takedown but it is not there. Robert Whittaker shoots in for another takedown and this time he gets it. Israel Adesanya just gets back up so swiftly it is pretty incredible. Whittaker is still on him and lands a nice left hand while breaking out of the clinch. ‘The Reaper’ with another deep takedown attempt. He doesn’t get it but pushes Izzy against the cage and lands some good strikes. He continues to press for one final takedown but Adesanya is defending. Knees and foot stomps until the final horn.

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Official UFC 271 Result: Israel Adesanya def. Robert Whittaker by unanimous decision (48-47 x2, 49-46)

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