UFC 230 Results: Matt Frevola and Lando Vannata battle to a majority draw

By Chris Taylor - November 3, 2018

A lightweight fight between Matt Frevola and Lando Vannata served as the featured bout of tonight’s UFC 230 Fight Pass Prelims from New York City.

Lando Vannata enters tonight’s UFC 230 contest looking to rebound from a three-fight stretch that has seen “Groovy” go 0-2-1.

Vannata was most recently seen in action at July’ UFC 226 event where he suffered a decision loss to Drakkar Klose.

Meanwhile, Matt Frevola will enter tonight’s fight with Vannata sporting an overall record of 6-1.

Round one of this UFC 230 matchup begins and Vannata starts off with immediate pressure. He misses with a spinning kick. Matt returns fire with a head kick followed by a low kick. Both of those strikes landed. Lando continues to press but Frevola is countering nicely with kicks. Vannata backs him up and lands a big head kick. Matt looks to be in trouble. Lando comes forward with a plethora of punches. Somehow Frevola survives and circles out. Lando just misses with a spinning wheel kick attempt. Frevola pushes forward with a left hand and then a right over the top. Vannata presses forward but eats another big right hand. And then another lands. Vanatta appears to be ok but he can’t afford to take many more of these. Lando side steps and then leaps in with a big right hand of his own. Frevola avoids a kick and then counters beautifully with a right hand that drops Vannata. Lando immediately scrambles back up to his feet and throws a head kick that narrowly misses. Frevola is bleeding now. Vannata misses with a spinning kick and Matt tags him with another big punch. Vannata is hurt. He shoots in for a takedown and Frevola locks in a guillotine choke. He goes for the finish but Lando is able to break free just seconds before the horn sounds to end round one.

Round two begins and Frevola leaps in with a pair of spinning back kicks. Lando returns fire with a nice hard kick to the body of Matt. Vannata is once again applying pressure in round two. He lands a front kick and then just misses with a wheel kick. He leaps in with a right hand that drops Frevola. Matt scrambles up to his feet but Lando is all over him with punches. Frevola desperately shoots in for a takedown attempt. Vannata defends the shot and then lands another nice right hand over the top. Frevola is in full retreat and Lando is just stalking him now. Both men fire off big punches up against the fence. Frevola decides to circle out and gain his bearings. Lando with a nice jab. He follows that up with a kick to the body. Frevola answers with a hard low kick. Vannata rushes in but eats a left hook and then a body kick from Frevola. Just over a minute remains in round two of this UFC 230 scrap. Vannata with a left jab. He goes to the body with a kick. Frevola fires off a head kick that misses. He shoots in for a takedown attempt but Lando stuffs it with ease. Vannata locks in a guillotine attempt, but the horn sounds to end round two before he could secure the choke.

The bell sounds and round three of this sensational UFC 230 fight is back underway. Frevola with a hard low kick to get things started. Lando responds with a kick to the body. Vannata shoots in and gets a hold of a leg. He eats about three hooks before he eventually opts to let go of Matt’s limb and circle out. Frevola with a nice punch from the pocket. Vannata snaps off a nice left hook. Frevola returns fire with a low kick followed by a front kick that fails to connect. Lando goes with a body-head combination that scores. Frevola misses with a high kick and then takes a deep breath. Lando narrowly misses with a hook kick. He leaps in with a combination but Frevola avoids and circles out. Lando leaps in with a combination but Matt is able to duck under and score a takedown. Vannata immediately scrambles and gets back to his feet. Frevola just misses with a spinning back elbow. Thirty-seconds remain. Lando misses with a wheel kick. Frevola with a good kick to the body. Both men swing punches until the horn sounds to end the awesome UFC 230 contest.

Official UFC 230 Result: Lando Vannata and Matt Frevola battle to a majority draw (28-29, 28-28 x2)

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