TJ Dillashaw says the UFC struggled to make a highlight tape for Aljamain Sterling: “Because he has no f***ing highlights!”

By Harry Kettle - October 19, 2022

TJ Dillashaw has lashed out at Aljamain Sterling‘s fight style ahead of their UFC 280 collision this weekend.

TJ Dillashaw, Aljamain Sterling, UFC 280

In the co-main event of UFC 280 on Saturday night, TJ Dillashaw will attempt to become a three-time UFC bantamweight champion when he challenges Aljamain Sterling for the gold. It’s no secret that these two men haven’t had the nicest of things to say about one another but even with that being the case, there still seems to be some level of respect for each other’s games.

At least, that seemed to be the case, until Dillashaw came out with the following pipebomb in an interview ahead of the event.

“Aljamain Sterling has done some great things, right, and it’s the reason he’s at where he’s at, the reason why he’s got the win streaks that he’s got, he’s a threat, right?” Dillashaw said.

“But I think I match up perfectly with him. He’s gonna try those desperate takedowns. When he was fighting against Yan it was two takedowns. Out of 22 shots he got two takedowns, and Yan gave up his back.”

Dillashaw’s fighting talk continues

“His striking is pretty sloppy, but I guess he uses it to his advantage because it’s so unorthodox. It’s almost easier to fight a guy that’s traditional.

“He’s not a very threatening fighter. You don’t have to be like ‘oh god I’m fighting Aljamain Sterling I don’t want to be a highlight reel knockout’, no. They made highlights of all the fighters on the card leading up to this to promote the card, they couldn’t make one on Aljamain Sterling. They can’t make a highlight tape on him because he has no f***ing highlights!”

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