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Tito Ortiz calls for vote recount in California, gets roasted by Dana White

Former UFC light heavyweight champion and vocal Donald Trump supporter Tito Ortiz wants a vote recount in the state of California.

Ortiz, who won a city council seat in his hometown of Huntington Beach in this week, recently shared a link to a petition demanding a vote recount in the state. While it’s very possible recounts will be necessary in some states during the ongoing election, that is not the case in California, where former Vice President Joe Biden won decisively.

According to The Associated Press, Biden leads the state by more than 4 million votes, or 65% of the total vote, while Trump has just 33%.

Nonetheless, Ortiz is hoping for a recount of the vote, evidently feeling that Trump was done dirty.

“The people of California are no longer going to tolerate our corrupt Government to claim victory for Democrats with 0 Precints counted,” The petition Ortiz shared, which is chock full of typos and spelling mistakes, reads. “The people of California invested heavily their time into Trump rallies in San Diego, Big Bear, Newport Beach, Santa Barbara, Temecula, Rancho Cucamonga, Glendora, Lake Elsinore, Dana Point, Carlsbad. We will not let the Corrupt democrats give away our state !!

“We the People of California DEMAND a fair count of the state! The people of California are angry! We want our voices heard. We are done with Governor Newsome and his Corrupt Cronies. Their is video evidence of voter fraud and corruption in California.”

This post from Ortiz actually got a reaction from UFC President Dana White. Even White, who is among Trump’s most high-profile and dedicated supporters, seemed to recognize that Ortiz’s request for a recount in California was asinine.

What do you think of this request from Tito Ortiz? Does California, of all states, need a recount?

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