Tanner Boser tells Ovince Saint Preux appealing TKO loss is a waste of time: “There’s nothing to appeal. Go ahead and try”

Tanner Boser, Ovince Saint Preux
Tanner Boser vs Ovince Saint Preux

Tanner Boser told Ovince Saint Preux that appealing his TKO loss is a waste of time, saying “there’s nothing to appeal. Go ahead and try.”

Boser knocked OSP out in the second round with punches in the co-main event of UFC Vegas 30, but there was some controversy as it appeared as though Boser may have grabbed the fence to stand up just before landing the finishing blows. However, replays have shown that it was Boser using his fist to get up, and not his fingers. Either way, OSP has appealed the result of the fight, with part of his argument being that referee Jason Herzog touched him, which indicated to him to pause his action right before the knockout.

Speaking to Sirius XM Fight Nation, Boser denied that he ever grabbed the fence, and explained why OSP is wasting his time with his appeal as he doesn’t think it will work.


“I don’t think there’s any grounds (to overturn it). There’s really not. There’s different angles now that the commentators didn’t see live where quite clearly my fist is closed, like it’s a fact, you can’t even argue you. There’s nothing to appeal. Go ahead and try. Doesn’t matter to me. It’s not going to work. I beat him from pillar to post. He had a takedown and he held me for not very long, didn’t get off anything, I got up, then I finished him. I beat him for eight minutes. He can think whatever he wants,” Boser said.

“All I did was post on the cage with a closed fist. It’s kind of like wall walking. In certain circumstances, you can use your back against the cage and stand up without using your hands. I was just posted on the cage and I think I kind of shrimped at the same time, kind of bucked up and used my momentum to swing my arm up or something. I get from certain angles it might have looked like it, but I didn’t grab the cage, I just pushed off of it with my hand.”

As far as Herzog touching OSP, Boser said that he doesn’t think that argument will fly.

“Well I didn’t feel a touch, nor was I paying attention to the referee because I was in a fight. The referee can separate things, but I don’t know man, I don’t think he touched anybody. He’s denying that he touched anybody, and I don’t know why you’d think you’re in a position to stop if he does believe that. You don’t have a submission and you’re not hitting me, so what would be the issue there? I don’t know, but whatever. He can think what he thinks. Herzog’s adamant that he didn’t make contact, I know he said that already. He didn’t let me up, I got up. He didn’t want me to get up, I got up,” Boser said.

Do you agree with Tanner Boser that Ovince Saint Preux will lose his appeal?

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