Stipe Miocic is “100 percent” confident he can beat Francis Ngannou in potential trilogy: “I know what I did wrong”

Stipe Miocic
Image via @ufc on Instagram

Stipe Miocic knows he has what it takes to beat Francis Ngannou.

At UFC 260, Miocic suffered a second-round KO loss to Ngannou to lose his heavyweight title. Since then, he has been in the gym training and has talked about wanting the trilogy. Although Ngannou is likely to face Derrick Lewis next, Miocic says he wants the trilogy fight as he knows he can get the win.

“Oh, a 100 percent,” Miocic told Submission Radio when asked if he’s confident that he knows how to beat Ngannou in a third fight (via MMAFighting). “It was his night. I’m not gonna take that away from him. And he didn’t get lucky, he just caught me with a punch I didn’t see, and it is what it is. And congrats to him. He won the title, but I’m coming back to get what’s mine. I know what I did wrong, and I’ll come back stronger and better and more prepared and take back what’s mine.”

Francis Ngannou, Stipe Miocic
Image Credit: @ufc on Twitter

Although Miocic wants the trilogy, it’s uncertain if he will get it in his next fight. He could hold out and wait to see what happens with Ngannou-Lewis 2. Or, perhaps, he takes a fight against a top contender and cement his case as the next title challenger.

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Miocic has said he will be looking to bulk up for the potential trilogy against Ngannou. Yet, the former heavyweight champ says that’s not due to the strength disadvantage, instead, he believes he just needs to get heavier in general.

No, man, not at all,” Stipe Miocic. “I mean, he hit me with some good shots in the beginning and I took them. And then he did good in the wrestling. I didn’t have the greatest shot, but he did everything he was supposed to. Tucked my head, got out, and came swinging after. And I felt good, I still felt good. And he hit me with the right hand and I came in a little bit too sloppy, and he countered with the left hook, and that was it.”

Do you think Stipe Miocic can beat Francis Ngannou in a potential trilogy?

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