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Sean Strickland responds after “f**king can” Matt Mitrione goes to bat for Pat Barry: “Why don’t we go check what’s on your f**king laptop”

Sean Strickland is responding to Matt Mitrione after the latter went to bat for Pat Barry.

Strickland has previously made his thoughts known concerning the relationship between Rose Namajunas and Pat Barry.

Pat Barry, 42, retired from MMA back in 2014 and is currently coaching at the 303 Training Center in Westminster, Colorado. It just so happens that Rose Namajunas, 29, (12-5 MMA) also trains at that same location. Barry has coached Rose since she was a child, and thus there have been accusations of ‘grooming’.

Earlier this month, Sean Strickland tweeted about the relationship saying:

“Is Jim West and Pat Berry the Weinstine of mma? Or is Michael Jackson a better comparison… @netflix is currently contacting @TheAspenLadd and @rosenamajunas for a TV series lol!!!!! OK I’m done gotta spar..”

Matt Mitrione weighed in on Strickland’s comments during an interview on ‘The MMA Hour’ with Ariel Helwani, saying:

“So for you to run your mouth talking about whatever the kind of bulls**t you’re talking about calling my good buddy Pat a predator when you don’t know what the f**k you’re talking about. That really kind of bothers me a little bit.”

Taking to ‘Twitter‘, Sean Strickland responded to Matt’s comments tweeting:

“Heard Mat Mitrione lame bitch excuse for Pat. “He’s my friend, he Waited till she was 18. Grooming is befriending and establishing an emotional connection with a child, and sometimes the family, to lower the child’s inhibitions with the objective of sexual abuse.”

Continuing with a video also posted within the tweet, Strickland responded directly to Matt Mitrione:

“So Matt Mitrione, I heard you had some sh*t to say about me and what I said didn’t sit well with you. Well, let me tell you Matt, I don’t give a f**k what sits well with you. You’re a f**king can. When’s the last time you won a f**king fight? Aren’t you like 0 and 8 right now? You’re a f**king loser. Me and you aren’t even in the same f**king category.”

Finishing the video, Sean Strickland said:

“I’m going to address what you said about Pat Barry waiting till she was 18. Do you understand what f**king grooming means? And mind you I don’t give a f**k about Rose, I don’t give a f**k about you and I don’t give a f**k about Pat. F**king Rose was groomed by Pat Barry and you defending him – you f**king loser. Why don’t we go check what’s on your f**king laptop you f**king can.”

“And Jim West, you’re the same f**king weirdo. I don’t understand why nobody f**king talks about you, but we all f**king know what you’re doing too.”

Do you agree with Sean Strickland’s comments regarding ‘grooming’ in the UFC?

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