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Sean O’Malley explains why Conor McGregor is the MMA GOAT: “It’s crazy to look back on him”

Sean O’Malley has declared Conor McGregor the MMA GOAT.

The GOAT is a topic many fans and fighters like to debate, although there is no clear-cut answer to the question. The names often listed are Jon Jones, Georges St-Pierre, Demetrious Johnson, and Anderson Silva among others, but O’Malley believes McGregor is the GOAT due to his fighting skills as well as making MMA mainstream.

“It’s good, it’s crazy to look back on him, like when he first got in UFC, when he first fought Dustin Poirier. It just reminds you, it shows you. That’s why that motherf****r is so big. Just his character at the beginning was so fun and entertaining. He’s the GOAT. Maybe not the GOAT, when it comes to skillset, it’s hard to say who’s the GOAT,” O’Malley said on his YouTube channel. “Like, who’s the best, it’s hard to say. When it comes to who’s the GOAT, who really blew up the sport, who really took it to the next level, who is the most entertaining, who captivated the most people, Conor is the GOAT, and not even anyone really that close. I’m coming for it, I’m trying, I think Paddy is doing a good job at it. I still got years to do it and Conor’s probably getting closer to being done than anything. It’s fun, it’s a fun little game to play.”

There is no question Conor McGregor has played a massive role in making the UFC as big as it is. And, when he was atop the sport, he was also one of the best fighters as he became the first fighter to hold two titles simultaneously and beat some of the best to ever do it, so you can see where O’Malley is coming from.

Do you agree with Sean O’Malley that Conor McGregor is the GOAT?

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