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Sarah Alpar reflects on Jake Paul assisting with her GoFundMe: ‘I didn’t think it was real’

Sarah Alpar received quite a surprise after setting up a GoFundMe campaign in June.

The 30-year old bantamweight began her campaign to raise money for her upcoming fight camp as well as everyday living expenses. Noticing the word spread around, YouTuber turned 3-0 boxer, Jake Paul and the Triller promotion answered Alpar’s call with a combined $30,000 deposit. Alpar took home a reported $13,500 in her UFC debut.

“I was super overwhelmed,” Sarah Alpar told MiddleEasy’s James Lynch. “Literally in a day, my life changed. Jake came and I didn’t even think it was real when he messaged me. He messaged me off of Instagram and said he had these fake accounts and I literally asked him, ‘Are you real…?’ (laughs)

“Literally in a day, my life changed overnight. My Instagram followers shot up, everybody was contacting me. By the end of the day, I was worn out by all the stimulus. It’s been cool. For me, this has been all a blessing. Taking it in, I’m grateful for the opportunity.”

“Too Sweet” Sarah Alpar returns to action and drops back down to 125-pounds after a year away to face the top prospect, Erin Blanchfield, on Sept. 18.

“I got to see his face and really kind of know his personality. He’s cool, I like him,” Alpar said. “Before when it was just social media Jake I was like, ‘This guy…’ I didn’t get into his drama, like who is this man? He’s sure causing a ruckus (laughs). But talking to him, I like him. I could be friends with him and hang out with him. He’s a person just like everybody else is. It actually really helped me see don’t judge a book by its cover. Now, I’m really going to take each person for how they are when I meet them.”

Jake Paul welcomes former UFC welterweight champion, Tyron Woodley, to the boxing ring on Sunday in Cleveland, Ohio.

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