Rivals Michael Bisping and Dan Henderson finally agree on something: Colby Covington was “great” on Saturday night

By Harry Kettle - September 21, 2020

UFC rivals Michael Bisping and Dan Henderson can finally agree on something – Colby Covington produced a great performance on Saturday night.

Michael Bisping, Jon Jones

Covington enjoyed one of the best showings of his mixed martial arts career this past weekend as he dominated rival Tyron Woodley to put himself right back in the hunt for another shot at the UFC Welterweight Championship.

Many big figures from the sport commented on the main event bout in the immediate aftermath of “Chaos” getting his hand raised, including the aforementioned Bisping and Henderson.

Bisping and Henderson may have had more exciting styles during their prime, but that doesn’t detract from the impact of Covington’s victory.

“The Count” has been retired from MMA for a good few years now and it’s a good thing that he’s stuck to that retirement, mainly because he was at serious risk of going blind.

“I fight Georges St-Pierre, I lose that fight, and he knew I was blind in one eye – he targeted it,” Michael Bisping said to Submission Radio (via MMAFighting). “Then, I fly to Shanghai, couple of weeks later I fight Kelvin Gastelum, I get cracked, I think I’ve had a good run and that was that.

“And then we go to an after-party afterward. I’m sitting there in this club, and every time I look this way, I get a flash of light. I was like, what was that? So I look again, another flash of light,” Bisping continued. “And every time I look to the left, I would get a flash of light. I started panicking because I’m thinking, holy s*it, I don’t believe this, I’ve got a detached retina in my good eye. And I started getting emotional, in a night club. I’ve had a couple of drinks, but I’m like, f*ck, I’m thinking I’m gonna go blind.

“It’s a long flight back to [Los Angeles], and I wake up halfway through and I look to my left, and there’s that flashing light. Holy sh*t, I’ve forgotten all about that,” he added. “So when I land, I call my eye doctor straight away, and he’s like, yeah, you need to go see someone. I go in there — and whenever I’m uncomfortable, I always use humor as kind of like a mask.

“I went in and I see this doctor and I say, Listen, doc, I think I’ve got a detached retina in my good eye. And he said, alright, well, let’s take a look, I’m gonna put some drops in you’re not gonna be able to see for a while,” Bisping concluded. “I make a joke, I say, oh well, I guess I better get used to this view, eh? He says, calm down, we’re not there just yet. I was like, we’re not f*cking there just yet? Jesus Christ. I was freaking out. And anyway, turns out I had a vitreous detachment.”


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