Photos | Check out how the MMA world celebrated Halloween

By Harry Kettle - November 1, 2023

A parade of stars from the MMA world celebrated Halloween yesterday.

Georges St-Pierre

It’s known as the spookiest holiday of the year – and for good reason. On October 31st, millions of people around the world let their hair down and really embrace the madness that is Halloween. From trick-or-treating to amazing costumes and beyond, it’s a day that gives many the opportunity to have a bit of fun.


That includes, as it turns out, the MMA community. We all see these fighters competing on a weekly basis, but we rarely get to see their personality shine behind it all. Thankfully, through social media, we can get a glimpse into what they get up to when things aren’t so serious.


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MMA’s Halloween shindig

As mixed martial arts fans, we’ve all seen some incredible – and also brutal – things over the years. In equal measure, we’ve also become attached to some of the best fighters on the planet. From an outsider’s perspective, it may seem pretty barbaric or strange, but posts like this remind you that these guys and girls are just like the rest of us.

Plus, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many other great costumes out there to be seen across Twitter and Instagram, all of which are getting some pretty solid engagement numbers.

So, the next time someone you know disses MMA, just show them a few of these fun shots. If that doesn’t work, maybe take them to a local BJJ class.

Which MMA fighter do you think had the best costume this year? Are you a big fan of dressing up for Halloween? Let us know your thoughts on this, BJPENN Nation – and happy Halloween!