Modestas Bukauskas says he broke his leg following brutal oblique kick from Khalil Rountree at UFC Vegas 36

By Adam D Martin - September 5, 2021

UFC light heavyweight Modestas Bukauskas says he broke his leg following a brutal oblique kick from Khalil Rountree at UFC Vegas 36.


Rountree’s back was up against the wall heading into this fight after losing his last two outings, and he made good on that with one of the best performances of his UFC career. For the first round of the fight, Rountree was constantly beating Bukauskas to the punch the whole time, and then in the second round, he began lighting up his opponent with low kicks. At the 2:30 mark of the second round, Rountree landed an absolutely brutal oblique kick that knocked Bukauskas to the floor and forced referee Herb Dean to stop the fight.

The controversial kick, which Jon Jones especially likes to use, is something that many fighters feel should be banned because it can cause career-changing damage. In Bukauskas’ case, it appears as though he suffered a broken leg because of it. Following the event, cameras caught Rountree speaking to Bukauskas backstage, who confirmed that he broke his leg. However, he holds no ill will towards Rountree for landing the brutal kick.

Rountree: Thanks, man.
Bukauskas: Leg Broke. Great match. Thank you so much.
Rountree: I did everything I could to prepare for you.
Bukauskas: Hey, listen. Much respect to you, man. Like I said, you were my idol, watching you on The Ultimate Fighter. It means a lot to me to stand in front of you, so well done.
Rountree: Respect. I wish you a speedy recovery.
Bukauskas: Thank you so much.

You have to love the respect shown by these two fighters. While no one likes seeing someone get seriously injured, it is a sport, and both of these men know that’s the case.

Do you think the sport of MMA should outlaw the oblique kicks like the one that Khalil Rountree used to finish Modestas Bukauskas with at UFC Vegas 36?

UPDATE: Modestas Bukauskas said he is getting an MRI when he gets home and says it’s probably ligament damage.