Mike Perry’s girlfriend reveals she has received rape threats from fight fans

By Tom Taylor - June 16, 2020

Mike Perry’s girlfriend, Latoya Gonzales, has revealed she’s received rape threats from Perry’s haters inside the MMA bubble.

Mike Perry girlfriend, Jon Jones

Perry has recently been involved in a heated war of words with UFC middleweight contender Darren Till. The pair have been jawing back and forth in interviews and on social media for years, but after a brief peace, have kicked things into high gear.

The latest volley in this ongoing skirmish was fired by Till, who recently created a website and several social media accounts solely dedicated to trolling Perry.

Perry then issued a quick response to Till, simultaneously trashing all of Till’s European supporters. It was then that his girlfriend chimed in and revealed that she’s received violent threats from fight fans.

“Funny all you miserable bums in Europe are jealous. Wanking off your mates in a circle jerk while I block your whole shitty continent ! The only thing you guys are raw dogging is all your buddies. @darrentill2 has #AnalWarts” – Mike Perry on Twitter.

“It’s so sick that I get a bunch of rape threats because these losers hate on my man. Sick world we live in.” – Latory Gonzales on Twitter.

Mike Perry has not fought since December, when he suffered a first-round knockout loss at the hands of top-15 welterweight contender Geoff Neal. That loss was preceded by a split decision loss to another top-15 talent in Vicente Luque and a decision win over Alex Oliveira. Perry is now 6-6 in the UFC welterweight division, but remains one of the most exciting fighters on the roster.

Hopefully, the abuse his girlfriend has been dealing with online ends here.


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