Mike Perry denies domestic abuse allegations, says his mother was being “over dramatic”

Mike Perry

UFC welterweight Mike Perry has once again denied the allegations of domestic violence put forth against him by his ex-wife, Danielle Nickerson.

Last month, Nickerson partook in an interview with MMA Junkie, accusing Perry of several instances of domestic violence and abuse.

She claims that she was physically assaulted by Perry several times. The worst incident of abuse allegedly occured on February 10 of this year, when she says Perry “ground-and-pounded” her after a night of drinking.

“He had his knee on my belly and just ground-and-pounded me until he got tired,” Nickerson said. “I did a decent job of covering my face. I still had hematomas on the back of my head. My entire right side from my entire arm, my legs, my ribs, everything was covered in bruises the next few days. He just got all of his anger out on me, and on the last punch I clearly – I think that’s why he stopped, is we heard my rib crack. He knew and sat back, and I think he was just tired – tired of hitting me so much.”

Nickerson says she then fled to a neighbor’s house, and was picked up by Perry’s mother. When Perry allegedly showed up at his mother’s house, his mother reportedly called the police, worrying for their safety.

Nickerson claims that was the worst of the abuse she experienced during her time with Perry, but alleges there were other incidents, and reportedly shared photographs with MMA Junkie that corroborated those allegations.

Mike Perry has already vehemently denied these accusations, and speaking ahead of his UFC 255 fight with Tim Means, he did so again.

“I don’t believe that you have that correct because I did not assault her that night,” he explained. “I don’t necessarily believe that those allegations were made about that night that the 911 call took place.

“The night that took place, what happened was Danielle went over to my mother’s house,” he continued. “And I went over to my mother’s house to tell her to come outside to to talk to her and my mom said, ‘no.’ So I said, ‘what the heck, can we have a conversation?’ So my mom got upset with me because I was mad that she wouldn’t go tell that girl to come outside and have a conversation with me. But, whatever, it’s cool.”

As for the 911 call his mother made, Perry says she was being “over dramatic.”

“My mom is a savage,” Perry said at UFC 255 media day (via MMA Mania). “I have never disrespected my mother. That night only, and that was by revving my engine and I drove across her grass, so she called the cops on me.”

“She’s always been over dramatic and acting up since her and my dad had me,” he said. “My dad was a wild dude and she always expected something from me. That’s probably one of the reasons why I never disrespected my mother, ever.

“She looked out for me growing up and I tried to look after her since a young age,” he continued. “My mom’s a hard worker, a server for along time. I always tip my servers well because I wanted people to tip my mom well.”

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