Michael Bisping shares how he thinks a Georges St-Pierre vs Anderson Silva super-fight would have played out

By Susan Cox - August 2, 2022

Michael Bisping is sharing how he believes a Georges St-Pierre vs Anderson Silva super-fight would have played out.

Anderson Silva, Georges St-Pierre

Anderson Silva, 47, (34-11 MMA) is a former UFC middleweight champion holding the record for the longest title reign in UFC history.

Georges St-Pierre, 41, (26-2 MMA) was a two-division champion in the UFC, having won titles in both the welterweight and middleweight divisions.

Both former UFC champions are widely considered some of the greatest MMA fighters of all time.

Michael Bisping, having fought both Silva and St-Pierre during his reign is reflecting on how a potential super-fight between the two might have gone. Bisping, 43, (30-9 MMA) did defeat ex-middleweight champion Silva back in 2016 and fought St-Pierre in 2017 at UFC 217 where he went down to defeat.

GSP Silva

Michael Bisping, speaking on his YouTube channel shared who he believes would have come out victorious (h/t MMAJunkie):

“In their primes, from 2009-2012, fighting at middleweight, I’ve got to go with Anderson Silva. Now look, overall, I think it would have been an extremely close fight. Georges no doubt would have come in with a tremendous strategy. He would have implemented a lot of takedowns, and I think he would have a lot of control time. But as you know, 185, Anderson Silva in his prime, the knockout power, the inventiveness, the creativity that the man possessed, it was absolutely mind-blowing.”

Continuing Bisping said:

“And I think maybe somewhere around Round 3, Round 4, in a fight that Anderson Silva would have been losing, Georges would’ve come in for a takedown and he would’ve walked into a knee, an elbow, a punch, a kick, something, and I do think that Anderson Silva would’ve been victorious. There it is. In their primes, I think Anderson might have got the job done.”

But, although it would have been a huge draw, a super-fight between the two never occurred.

Do you agree with Michael Bisping’s assessment as to what a battle between the two champions might have looked like?

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