Max Holloway responds after reporters allegedly receive threats over scores for his fight

Max Holloway, UFC 240
Image: Max Holloway on Instagram

Max Holloway has jumped to the defense of members of the MMA media who have allegedly received threats over the way they scored his rematch with Alexander Volkanovski.

Holloway and Volkanovski first fought in December of 2019. On that night, Volkanovski swiped the title from Holloway with a unanimous decision win. In the co-main event of last Saturday’s UFC 251 card, the pair ran it back. Volkanovski ended up winning by decision again, but this time around, the result generated widespread controversy, as many viewers felt Holloway did enough to win.

While there was quite a bit of outrage over the verdict of this Holloway vs. Volkanovski rematch, some members of the media allegedly defended the decision—and apparently received death threats for doing so.

Holloway, ever the picture of class, took to Twitter to scold the fans behind these threats.

“Just landed in Vegas for another quarantine and was told some guys in the media are receiving threats for saying my fight was not a robbery,” Holloway wrote. “This is not ok. I appreciate everyone who wants to ride for me but that ain’t it.”

While Holloway his urging his fans to be civil, it’s unlikely this comment will do much to silence the outrage surround his second decision loss to Volkanovski.

Even UFC President Dana White criticized the decision, sharing his belief that Holloway deserved the nod.

“You can’t leave it to these guys. We’ve got some bad judging. I’m sure (Holloway) is devastated. Did anybody here score it for Volkanovski? Anybody? Nobody in the media? I don’t know. We’ll have to figure it out,” White said post-fight.

“Looks like we’ve got to tighten up our refs and judges here on Fight Island,” White added.

How do you score last Saturday’s Max Holloway vs. Alexander Volkanovski rematch?

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