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Matt Brown praises UFC’s Joe Rogan as the best commentator of all-time: “It’s a hard job”

Some might not be a fan of UFC commentary, but Matt Brown understands it’s a tough job.

The sport has come a long way in the last few decades. The UFC tried out many pairings before settling on a combination of Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan in 2002. They stuck with the duo until 2016, and have used a rotating trio in the booth since then.

Common names at the commentary table include Daniel Cormier, Laura Sanko, Paul Felder, and more. While many fans might like the current state of the booth, they have come under fire in the past. Fighters have especially gone after commentary, with names such as ‘DC’ being labeled biased for his connections to active athletes.

While some might not like the current state of commentary, UFC welterweight Matt Brown is not among them. ‘The Immortal’ has been around in the sport since 2005 and has seen his fair share of MMA events over the years. In a recent episode of The Fighter vs. The Writer podcast, Brown discussed UFC commentary.

There, Brown admitted that he believes the current commentators aren’t perfect, but it’s a tough job. He also praised Joe Rogan, stating that he is the best man to be behind the microphone on fight night. Brown also praised Sanko and opined that she could rise to be the best commentator alongside the podcaster.

Conor McGregor, UFC 264, Joe Rogan
Conor McGregor and Joe Rogan at UFC 264

“I’m sympathetic towards what they are doing and [Michael] Bisping is great at what he does. It’s a hard job,” stated Matt Brown in the interview. “…Joe Rogan is probably the best of all-time and he’s good at saying what they’re doing without sounding critical. He’s just very good at wording things without sounding critical. Other guys aren’t. Bisping is a critical guy, that’s just who he is. That’s his personality.” (h/t MMA Fighting)

He continued, “I’ve done it on regional shows. Sometimes you watch a fight and a guy is doing something and you just can’t figure out why he’s doing it and you’re like this dude just f****** sucks. They may be feeling that in their head but I’ve never taken it as [malicious] or as a slight against me.”

“I think [Laura Sanko] adds a great dimension to it. Again, I think everything she says, at least from my experience listening to her, has been very valuable and very well spoken and very clear. I think she does a tremendous job. Just like I said on Twitter, she may not be there yet but I think she’ll be the best commentator since Joe Rogan.”

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