Mark Hunt trashes UFC over Henry Cejudo situation

By Tom Taylor - May 20, 2020

Mark Hunt has some choice words for the UFC after former two-division champ Henry Cejudo seemingly retired over pay issues.

Mark Hunt, UFC Adelaide

Shortly after he defended the UFC bantamweight title with a TKO defeat of Dominick Cruz, Henry Cejudo shocked viewers by announcing his decision to retire. It quickly became clear that his retirement stemmed from issues surrounding his pay. It’s also widely believed that he’ll return if the right offer is presented.

Mark Hunt, who has been at odds with the UFC for years, sees that as a problem. Hunt shared his thoughts in an interview with

“That’s exactly what I’m talking about and I know this stuff because I was in it,” Hunt said (transcript via MMA News). “I never got the title but if I did I would’ve been exactly like Henry Cejudo and the rest of them – speaking my mind and telling I want more. When you’re a top-end prize-fighter or world champion you don’t need to ask more. If that was a boxing champion do you think they would be asking for more? No! Like I said, they’re not sharing the entire revenue, they (fighters) are only getting a small percentage and that’s totally wrong.

“These fighters should be getting paid accordingly and they’re not and you can see that by guys like a world champion, Triple C, Henry Cejudo saying ‘I need more money,'” Hunt added. “Why is that Henry? Is there something wrong? ‘Yeah, because I’m not getting my worth. I’m not getting what I’m supposed to be getting.'”

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