Mark Hunt offers ultimatum to Dana White and the Fertitta’s: “You win I drop the lawsuit, I win you pay every fighter you have ripped off”

By Christopher Taylor - January 2, 2022

Heavyweight knockout artist Mark Hunt has offered a ultimatum to Dana White and the Fertitta brothers (Frank and Lorenzo).


Hunt filed a lawsuit against the Ultimate Fighting Championship shortly following his fight with Brock Lesnar at UFC 200. ‘The Super Samoan’ claimed that the promotion put him in the cage with a fighter in Lesnar, who he says the UFC knew was using PED’s. The court case was originally dismissed in 2019, however the appeals court decided to reopen the cases on fraud and battery in September of 2021.

Yesterday, we shared a report from ‘Combat Sports Law‘ that insinuated Mark Hunt was recently ordered to pay the UFC over $375k in legal fees (see more on that here).

As per said report, the defendants (the UFC) were awarded $301,792.50 in attorneys’ fees and $86,442.72 in costs, for a total of $388,235.22.

However, according to Mark Hunt the claim he has been ordered to pay over $375k is absolute bullsh*t.

Mark Hunt

‘The Super Samoan’ took to social media where he publicly addressed the report.

“The start of a new year and you saying I got to pay this? C’mon bro,” Hunt captioned a photo of our story. “Where did you get this info from? Did you just make it up or waaaa..”

Within the same hour, Mark Hunt returned to Facebook where he offered the following ultimatum to Dana White and former UFC owners the Fertitta brothers (Frank and Lorenzo).

“Mark ‘The Super Samoan’ Hunt vs. Dana ‘The Parasite’ White, Lorenzo Fertitta and Frank Fertitta. 5 rounds MMA with these losers. Dana White, Frank Fertitta and Lorenzo Fertitta have sucked the life out of so many fighters. Him and his scum friends. You win, I drop the lawsuit. I win, you pay every fighter you have ripped off since UFC started. Now who would pay to see that?”

In addition to this challenge from Mark Hunt, the UFC President has also received a unique offer from boxer Jake Paul (more on that here).

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