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Malki Kawa reveals he has COVID-19, shares a home remedy that is helping him crush it

MMA manager Malki Kawa revealed on his social media that he has COVID-19 and he suggested a home remedy to help beat it quicker.

Kawa has been one of the top managers in mixed martial arts for a decade, serving as the agent for superstars like Jon Jones, Yoel Romero, and Anthony Pettis, and he’s been representing more NFL athletes over the last few years, as well. Like many MMA fighters and football players, Kawa, unfortunately, came down with COVID-19 as well. However, he appears to be beating it, especially with a home-made remedy. Check out what he wrote on his Twitter.

To anyone who is dealing with covid, here’s a little home remedy that’s been working with me. Fresh ginger tea, and cayenne pepper. Drink while hot. It’s helping big time. 3rd day down, crushing it!

Kawa: Also, eat!!! Force yourself. Get up and walk. Don’t “rest” like they tell you. The more you do things like you normally would the better it is on your body. Also if you are going to be in bed, sit up, don’t lay down.

Get yourself an oximeter, and check your blood oxygen levels every so often.

For Kawa, the two sports that the manager represents have had many issues with COVID-19 ever since the global pandemic began last year just due to the nature of the close contact between the athletes in these sports. We know how many fighters, especially in the UFC, have contracted the coronavirus over the past year, and the NFL arguably has an even bigger problem with controlling COVID-19 due to how many people and coaches are on the football teams.

Fortunately for Kawa, it appears that he is getting by his case of COVID-19 by resting at home and drinking his homemade remedy. Perhaps if Malki Kawa has a quick recovery, more fighters and athletes will try and use his remedy.

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