Kevin Lee reacts to Conor McGregor’s recent downfall in the UFC: “Drugs are a hell of a thing”

Kevin Lee
Image: Kevin Lee on Instagram

UFC welterweight Kevin Lee reacted to MMA superstar Conor McGregor’s recent downfall in the UFC, saying “Drugs are a hell of a thing.”

McGregor suffered two straight TKO defeats to his rival Dustin Poirier this year alone, with him losing via second-round knockout at UFC 257 in January and then losing via first-round doctor stoppage TKO at UFC 264 in July when he broke his leg. In the wake of his loss to Poirier, McGregor has been taking to social media to make numerous comments and remarks about a number of different fighters, including Poirier and Daniel Cormier. As far as Lee goes, he sees a man who is frustrated, and one who has been changed by drugs.

Speaking to MMA reporter James Lynch, Lee reacted to McGregor’s recent downfall in the UFC. As far as “The Motown Phenom” goes, he can sympathize with McGregor going through a rough patch, but at the same time, “drugs are a hell of a thing,” Lee says.

“I see a guy who is very frustrated and kind of staying with the same old schtick, too. It’s not showing any growth in your game or who you are as a person when you rely on the same things that Conor brought him up a little bit,” Lee said. “But it’s gone to a different level. I dunno. Drugs are a hell of a thing. Drugs really take you out of it. I dunno. Best of luck to him, though. It seems like he’s going through a rough time, and it happens. But to me as a competitor, I never really looked at him, anyways. But of course, that fight still interests me, why not, why wouldn’t you do it? But I hope he’ll be able to pull it together.”

Do you agree with the comments Kevin Lee made in regards to Conor McGregor’s recent downfall in the UFC?

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