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Kay Hansen sounds off on haters following loss at UFC 273: “Anyone saying ‘maybe if she didn’t have an OnlyFans’ get a life”

Kay Hansen has gone off on her detractors following her defeat at UFC 273.

Hansen shared the Octagon with Piera Rodriguez on the UFC 273 prelims. After three rounds of action, Rodriguez ended up getting her hand raised via unanimous decision. This is Hansen’s third loss in a row.

After the fight, Hansen took to her Twitter account to ensure fans that she will keep working to improve.

“22 years old fighting on a stage that most only DREAM of. Obviously I’m extremely heartbroken. I may fail. I may stumble. But you bet your f*cking ass I’ll be back. I have a lifetime ahead of me. The sky is the limit!.

“To my ride or dies, I f*cking love you to death. I appreciate and love every single one of you. Anyone talking sh*t, I’m 22 living a life you can only wish for.

“I work my ass off and live a very disciplined life. I will live up to my full potential. I’ll be back

“Thank you to my team, family, Mick Maynard/Dana White and everyone who supports me.”

Kay Hansen then addressed those who suggest that her slide can be attributed to focusing on her OnlyFans account.

“And for anyone saying ‘mAyBe If ShE dIdNt HaVe An OnLy FaNs…’ get a life. I train 2/3 times a day, live a disciples life and I’m the hardest worker you’ll meet. Posting a photo on a site has ZERO impact on my fighting performance. Take your pathetic hate somewhere else.”

Hansen had been taking some flak on social media for missing weight ahead of the showdown with Rodriguez. She clocked in at 118.5 pounds and was hit with a fine, which took 20 percent of her fight purse.

In a lot of cases, three straight losses in the UFC lead to a release. Time will tell if Hansen will be given another chance.

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